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    We are the agency for digital transformation. We have been successfully advising our customers since 1996, carefully guiding them through the digital revolution. Because creative technologies are in our DNA. Because we know how to spot relevant trends. Because we understand the societal and economic impact of these trends, and know how to turn that to our customers’ advantage.


    The solutions we develop provide an exceptional user experience. Our Consult – Create – Grow strategy lays the foundation for our customers’ financial success. We work for brands and companies such as Axel Springer, the BBC, Audi, Deutsche Telekom and ZDF.


    Our founder, Frank Zahn, is the driving force and visionary at Exozet. With a progressive managerial style and a nonchalant attitude, he has managed the company as CEO since 1996. We operate in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna.
















    Virtual & Augmented Reality


    We advise companies and develop the necessary insight to help them achieve their full potential in VR & AR: with 3D real-time visualizations for industry, B2B solutions, and B2C products. At our in-house lab, we provide you with an overview of new devices and their applications, including Oculus Rift, Zeiss VR One, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, and many more.


    Brand & Strategy


    Digital business is rapidly gaining momentum, increasingly supplanting conventional business models. We develop comprehensive brand strategies and business and technology strategies for companies that are preparing to enter the digital future – for sustainable financial success.


    Digital Marketing & Social Media


    Marketing done right: Our communication campaigns generate reach, lasting user loyalty, and relevant conversions – in an engaging style across all media. We love content marketing, and we’re masters of big data; the success of your business is what drives us.


    Browser / Web


    Clients choose us when it comes to developing responsive, high-performance web applications and scalable back-ends. It is the browser where brands and customers meet nowadays: on desktops, smartphones, tablet PCs or any other digital screen. Whether you need an open-source framework or an established content management system, we will provide a customised solution for your needs. We develop solutions for the cloud, dedicated hosting, or your existing infrastructure. It’s out day-to-day job to integrate web services, social plug-ins, tracking providers, and ad server technologies.




    We focus on your users, analyzing their expectations and needs. In our concepts, information architecture and usability play the leading role. We give your digital brand identity room to flourish – across all devices with a consistent interface design, for a user experience that will win your users over and keep them engaged.


    NewTV & Video


    We can help you navigate the labyrinths of IPTV, web TV, OTT TV, mobile TV, smart TV, HbbTV, second screen, and social TV. Our in-house software solution ensures effortless administration and smooth playout and syndication of your video content.




    “Mobile first” is the motto we live by. Native or hybrid: We develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle, and mobile game consoles. In our mobile lab, we have all the smartphones and tablets necessary to test your product on the right device.




    We draw from our many years of experience in the production of online, mobile, and console games. We serve as your partner for commercial free2play and premium products, and we support you with creative porting and marketing.

















    Our experts analyze your project systematically from a business, brand, and technology standpoint, and develop a strategy that is built to last. We bring our vision, foresight, and many years of experience in digital business to bear in the process. Because digital value creation is changing – constantly.




    The digital products we create for you are the direct result of a seamless interplay between creativity and technology. Our user experience experts tell your story: They develop a concept and draft an interactive interface design for every screen. In addition to custom-tailored, future-oriented technology, you will receive a streamlined, scalable solution that your users will love.




    Even after your project launches, we will be by your side. Because growth requires reach, and reach requires communication management. We will generate the attention and user loyalty that your digital business needs – from analytics and social media campaigns to tracking and business intelligence, Exozet is here for you.






    We maintain lasting partnerships with our customers in the fields of media, entertainment, brands, telecommunications, finance, start-ups, and the public sector – always with great pleasure.















    Central Asset Management System and Self-Service Portals


    The world’s largest broadcaster counts on Exozet as its strategic partner. Exozet initially secured the budget for three B2B platforms and, as a first step, developed the news service portals for BBC Pictures, BBC Previews, and BBC Radio Previews.



    Exozet and the BBC cooperated closely to make further advancements to the solution, covering the entire process from the commissioning of asset production and the enhancement of media files to internal approvals and publication on the various portals.

    Photo Library and more B2B Platforms

    The asset management system originally developed for the BBC is generic, while simultaneously featuring such an open structure that similar online services based on the same technology have already been planned and implemented: a portal for web-based broadcasting of program trailers was launched. These trailers are available in broadcast quality and are provided to other TV channels to use (BBC promo clips).


    The BBC Photo Library www.bbcphotosales.co.uk is another major B2B platform that was launched: it helps the broadcaster to monetize on it's extensive photo archive for the first time.




















    Groundbreaking online world for the ZDF film “Dina Foxx”


    Every year, fewer young viewers are watching linear programming on television, while at the same time, the number of people watching video on demand online is steadily increasing. ZDF has recognized this trend, and conducted its second-ever transmedia experiment: The story of the ZDF thriller “Dina Foxx – Tödlicher Kontakt” was told both on TV and online. The two-part program was broadcasted on television, but online users were provided with extra information that allowed them to watch the second part of the made-for-TV movie from a completely different perspective. The production was awarded with the International Digital Emmy in the category digital program: fiction 2015 and with the Rockie Award for Interactive Fiction 2015.



    On behalf of production company UFA LAB, we developed the Dina Foxx website, as well as the apps for iOS and Android. We programmed a diverse, technologically complex online world that combines gamification approaches with innovative 360° video technology.


    The TV thriller will be complemented online by three interactive narrative threads: “Investigation,” “Game,” and “Series.” In the “Investigation” section, the users themselves get involved in the action. Our 360° video player plays both video and graphics in a full panorama view and contains surface tags; clicking these tags will open a puzzle. In the “Game” section, players help scientist Kilian Berger develop a cure for an epidemic. And finally, in the “Series” section, users will find out about important plot twists.

    Project in brief

    • Platforms: web browser, iOS, Android
    • „Investigation” section: 360° video player with surface tags; contents: 62 puzzles that can be opened on PCs by clicking or on mobile devices by tapping
    • “Game” section: Timed matching game based on the Unity engine
    • “Series” section: Seven videos, slide function allows for convenient zapping
    • Back end: Users’ game and puzzle progress is saved; with achievements, they can unlock the second part of the film before it is broadcast on television













    Charming iOS app for children


    As the digital developer for HABA, a wood manufacturing company known for highquality children’s toys, children’s games and furniture, Exozet faced the challenge to transfer a brand primarily known for its haptical and physical quality into a digital form. We first distilled the essence of the board game "Orchard" and then translated those features into an innovative yet comfortably familiar game on touch screens.



    The app consists of three different parts: In the playing part, children help Theo the raven harvest fruits by collecting them in the respective baskets. In the learning part, the kids tend to their first virtual tree and watch how it bears fruits. And finally in the discovering part, a hidden object shows a vibrant, colorful orchard.




    • Platform: iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
    • Three different parts: playing, learning and discovering
    • Lots of interactive fun with Theo the raven
    • Parents can limit playing time
    • Achievements in the discovery and the learning part
    • Individual score for up to 4 children
    • Target group: children from 3 to 8 years
    • Languages for parents’ sites: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese














    Cyberstores with TVNEXT technology


    Advancement through technology: Since 2012, Audi presents its models through digital pathways in the inner cities of the world. The first purely virtual showroom is the Audi City in London. Since then, the high tech presentation concept has also been brought to Dubai, Beijing and Berlin. We support the Ingolstadt car manufacturer with our established TVNEXT online video platform. The OVP manages all HD videos, converts them into all required formats and replicates them to the terminal.



    In its Audi Cities, Audi uses videos in HD quality to present all car models for digital video walls, multi-touch tables and iPads. Customers can combine all available Audi models on the market with countless equipment options virtually and then bring the desired car with a single hand movement in actual size to one of the floor to ceiling "power walls".


    Videos of the various production companies are automatically imported to the TVNEXT OVP. The OVP manages, transcodes, and replicates them to a local entity. From there, they can be played on various devices. We individually tailored our own Java-based system to the requirements of the project and connected it via interfaces to existing systems.




    • Content Ingest: Automatic video import from multiple data sources

    • Automated multi-format transcoding, eg to full HD

    • Connection to third-party systems via various interfaces

    • Replication and distribution of videos to local TVNEXT instances

    • Alerting and monitoring

    • 20 planned locations worldwide














    Responsive VoD and Live Stream Portal for Austria’s State Broadcaster


    With the ORF TVthek it's fun to miss something on TV. For the largest media provider in Austria, we implemented a live stream and VOD portal in a responsive design. Exozet optimized the interface design for the screen in varying sizes including smartphones, tablets, and the desktop.



    The technical background is our content and video management solution which was customized for the specific needs of the ORF. The editorial workflow offers the freedom to broadcast any video clips in online exclusive topics. In addition, the integrated clip editor provides the ability to edit videos directly in the CMS: After automated encoding the editors can cut the videos or set some markers.


    The TVthek provides original content such as interviews in full and live streams of certain events. In addition, an archive for selected programs is permanently available. We integrated advertising on the website and in the video streams and implemented "nurago" for the measurement of audience.



    • Exozet as a one-stop-shop agency: consulting, design, mobile design & technology

    • Ad integration & combined audience measurement

    • Player for Flash (OSMF Framework) and HTML5

    • TVNEXT video management system including online production tools

    • Service API to the mobile of the ORF

    • Accessible web design & program-related site branding

    • Verticals concept: format-related sub-portals based on the central backend solution and established workflows

















    Children’s videos on demand




    ZDFtivi is ZDF’s children’s program – with its own web presence and online media library. Previously, ZDFtivi’s young target group was increasingly attempting to access videos on mobile devices, which wasn’t possible with the purely Flash-based media library. For this reason, ZDF commissioned us with making the tivi media library available in the highest possible quality on desktop computers and mobile devices, as well. Considering the fact that children often receive older cell phones or tablets as hand-me-downs, the content had to be accessible on as many devices and operating systems as possible.


    As a first step, we adapted and expanded ZDF’s original (native) app relaunch concept in order to meet the requirements of responsive web design. The second step involved developing the technical concept for the media library’s front end, which we implemented based on HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. We delivered two versions. The “web edition” runs on web and mobile browsers, while the “hybrid edition” contains two wrapper apps for iOS and Android to allow for distribution of the tivi media library via the iTunes and Google Play app stores.



    The successful platform was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for Communication Design in September 2015.






    • Design and usability for children between the ages of 8 and 12

    • Function on mobile devices that plays recorded jokes when device is shaken

    • Push notifications in the apps for videos that are about to expire

    • Responsive media library for desktop and mobile browsers

    • Programming in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript

    • Wrapper apps for: iOS, Android

    • Connection to existing ZDF content interfaces















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